Exceptional Talent. Passionate Service. Superior Results. Janitorial Staffing.

Our commitment to superior Janitorial Staffing has earned the trust and respect of the best hotel brands in the business.

We specialize in the support of four and five diamond properties, as well as airports, stadiums, hospitals, industrial cleaning, healthcare cleaning, and many more.

From its foundation in 1990 as a janitorial staffing services company working within the hospitality sector, HSS recognized the need for a reliable workforce; one that would be compliant with immigration, IRS, state and federal labor department and regulations.

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Our Services

We handle all kinds of floors, from hard surfaces to carpets and everything in between. We have trained certified professionals at each site that go through rigorous development so you know your floors are well taken care of.

  • Hard Surfaces A-Z
  • Carpet
  • Power Washing
  • Stripping & Waxing
Vacum Cleaner

We know that first impressions are important, so keeping and maintaining public areas is essential. We work hard to make sure your propertys first impressions are spotless; including lobby, public restrooms, restaurants, casino, conference space, bars, nightclubs, spa, lounges, airports, hospitals, nursing homes, commercial areas, industrial cleaning, gym and pool areas.

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Essential when restaurants are high traffic and busy during the day and with our training and methodical strategies for cleanliness we will make sure to have things ready to go for the morning rush.

We also handle conference, banquets as well as conventional kitchens.

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Busy kitchens need competent stewarding personnel to work along side and behind the scenes making sure everything is clean and out of the way without disturbing the culinary team.

Doing Dishes

For years, we have been working in the Gaming cleaning services field, and we would love to continue with you. We understand the clientele that enjoys gaming and keeping the gaming area clean without disturbing guests is just as important to us as it is to you.

restaurant kitchen cleaning services

Our Organization

We are shaped around our customers needs. With a dedicated team overseeing the processes of outsourcing, it is our goal to leverage our experience and talent to best serve clients in many fields including janitorial staffing.

National Director

Instrumental in leading the Janitorial team in developing and growing all Janitorial accounts. From making contractual preparations to overseeing operations and maintaining budgets, the National Director ensure customers receive the support they need when they need it.

Regional Director, IHS

Essential to managing operations, overseeing staffing and training and working with janitorial staff needing equipment training. Ensures project managers have all of the tools they need in order to get the job done.

VP, Manged Services

Oversees and guides all outsourcing accounts, leading and guiding all personnel, and continuously keeping quality client relationships.

Task Force Manager

Implements vital technology, equipment and scope of service necessary to continue with contractual obligations and maintain quality standards. Also, prepares initial scheduling, ordering guidelines and provides training for the project managers as well as support for feedback from clients.

Regional Quality Auditor

Essential to maintaining cleanliness and quality standards by measuring qualitative metrics against unannounced audits, in order to get honest measurements.

Training Director

Creates and implements training and evaluations across all accounts as well as workshops and guidelines for new hire orientation. Certifies and trains on-site trainers to continue on-going training and new hire orientation.



Floor Certified

We take great care that all of our technicians are properly trained on their equipment and knowledge about their chemicals.


Safety Training

We take great pride in creating safe and friendly working environments for our employees.


Customer Service

We believe in superior customer service, following industry standards like the 10/5 rule and others.

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Project Managers

We provide continuous learning and development for our managers and supervisors throughout their career.


Green Chemicals

We know many customers are trying to become more environmentally friendly, we’ve partnered and learned how to keep in “Green”.


Customer Service

So Nice we put it twice! We go above and beyond when it comes to customer service.


Exceptional Service

We combine cultural standards into our best practices to create exceptional service experiences. We consistently train to the 10/5 rule, property knowledge and standards of greeting.

Integrating your service brand culture with our business culture is standard operation procedure. We’ve adopted Forbes Three, Four, and Five diamond service standards as well as Quality Audit standards, all of which contribute to the excellent service we offer on a consistent basis.

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What Drives Us

We love what we do and it shows. Our commitment to quality and service stems for a real love and pride in the quality of work we provide to our customers.