Hotel Housekeepers & More

We have over 30 years of experience supporting leading hospitality brands.

Experts In Housekeeping Department Support

We work with a wide range of properties providing the qualified and experienced hotel housekeepers through the strong relationships we’ve formed in the communities we serve.  We’re proud to note our room attendants are consistently listed at the top of posted room inspection scores.

Working With Hospitality Leaders Nationwide

HSS can recruit locally or nationally depending on the needs of hotels. With a national network of branch offices across the United States we can recruit housekeeping staff virtually anywhere.   HSS relies on our recruiting networks built with nearly 30 years of experience recruiting hotel housekeepers.  Our network of housekeeping staff means that we can offer a deeper pool of talent due to seasonality differences.  Your high season is someone else’s low season!  Let us work to fill gaps in your housekeeping staff.

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Leveraging Technology

We leverage the latest technology as well as time-tested grass-roots methods to develop a pool of talent nationwide.  Recruiting hotel housekeepers with experience, training and all the qualifications you need isn’t an easy task, but our team is up for the challenge.  We use social media recruiting, targeted digital advertising as well as community connections, referral programs, and more.
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What Makes a Good Hotel Housekeeping Team

At HSS we know that quality professionals are your key to a well-run property.  We work with hotels, resorts, casinos, and other venues to determine the qualifications and experience necessary and recruit accordingly.  We have found that individuals that are self-motivated, team-players and have a high attention to details are ideal candidates for housekeeping teams.  
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Follow Through

Recruiting hotel housekeepers for your team is really just the start for HSS.  We work with our clients to ensure that teams are performing to a level that exceeds expectations.  When we fall short, we question why and offer solutions.  Working tirelessly to deliver quality has earned us longevity in the industry and a partnership status with some of the largest, most respected brands in hospitality.

Safety and Compliance

HSS is a leader in working with hotels to ensure that the teams of workers that we provide are compliant with state and federal laws.  From safety to work-status, we know that a lot is on the line for our clients and the powerful brand names that they represent.  Our partnerships ensure that the hotel housekeepers we provide meet with the highest standards in compliance.

Options For Filling Housekeeping Positions

Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing gives our clients the flexibility they need to staff at peak times or for special events.  HSS handles taxes, worker’s comp, payroll taxes, recruiting, vetting and hiring costs.

Direct Hire

This fee-based service allows us to recruit for a wide range of positions.  Our clients employ the worker directly without the expense or time-consuming hassle of hiring on their own.  Finding talent is one of your biggest challenges as a leader in the hospitality business.   Our team of recruiters finds talent through its nationwide network, and we offer guarantees on our work.