Food & Beverage Staff

We provide support for food operations on a national scale.

One of the Nation’s Top Food Service Staffing Agencies

HSS is one of the top food service staffing agencies nationwide.  We work with hotels, resorts, restaurants, event spaces, banquet halls and catering companies to find, and recruit kitchen staff, servers, and other food and beverage personnel.  Our heritage in the hospitality industry makes us the ideal partner to fill these important positions.

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How We Fill Food and Beverage Positions

HSS can recruit locally or nationally depending on your need. With a national network of branch offices across the United States we can recruit virtually anywhere. HSS relies on our recruiting networks built with nearly 30 years of experience in the Hospitality industry. Our network of hospitality staff means that we can offer a deeper pool of talent due to seasonality differences. Your high season is someone else’s low season! Let us work to fill gaps in your food and beverage staff.
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What Makes A Strong Team

At HSS we know that quality professionals are your key to a well-run event. We work with hotels, resorts, restaurants, event spaces, banquet halls and catering companies to determine the qualifications and experience necessary and recruit accordingly. We have found that individuals that are self-motivated, team-players and have a high attention to details are ideal candidates for food and beverage teams.

Our Partners in Food & Beverage

Our client base for food staff is as varied as the food industry itself.  We’ve worked with a wide variety of restaurants, large scale event venues, catering companies, hotels, resorts, casinos and food assembly facilities all over the United States.

Our client base in food service includes large national brands, regional companies, and local independently owned venues.

Contact us with your specific needs and we can offer an ongoing contract or one-time event pricing.

Safety & Compliance

HSS is a leader in working with restaurants, event venues, hotels and resorts, and stadiums to ensure that the teams of workers that we provide are compliant with state and federal laws.  From safety to work-status, we know that a lot is on the line for our clients and the powerful brand names that they represent.  Our partnerships ensure that the servers we provide meet with the highest standards in compliance.

Options for Filling Food & Beverage Positions

Whether you’re in need of banquet servers or any other banquet staffing workers, HSS offers different options to fill our clients’ specific needs. Depending on positions, the needs of your hotel, restaurant, organization or event, and your finances, temporary staffing or direct hire might be the right choice for you. Keep reading to get more information about this!

Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing or Temp Staffing gives our clients the flexibility they need to staff at peak times or for special events. HSS handles taxes, worker’s comp, payroll taxes, recruiting, vetting and hiring costs. Learn more about HSS Contract Staffing.

Direct Hire

This fee-based service allows us to recruit for a wide range of positions. Our clients employ the worker directly without the expense or time-consuming hassle of hiring on their own. Finding talent is one of your biggest challenges as a leader in the hospitality business. Our team of recruiters finds talent through its nationwide network and we offer guarantees on our work. Learn more about HSS Direct Hire here.

Looking For Food & Beverage Jobs?

We’re always hiring for food & beverage jobs.  You can register with us, stop by one of our branch offices for an interview, and begin working shortly afterward.  Whether you’re looking for part-time work or full-time hours, we can help facilitate your needs.