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Discover HSS’s Tailored Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Overcoming Today’s Challenges with Innovative, Long-term Strategies

In today’s ever-changing hospitality landscape, Hilton has consistently stood as a beacon of excellence. At HSS, we recognize your commitment to delivering unrivaled guest experiences and are here to support you with equally exceptional staffing solutions.

As an Approved Vendor, we offer a suite of strategic, long-term solutions to ensure your staffing levels are optimized for maximum guest satisfaction and profitability. Our deep industry knowledge, nationwide network, and innovative approach are tailored to help Hilton overcome the unique staffing challenges of this new era. Our offerings include:

  • HSS PR+ Program: Beat the visa lottery odds with our proven program that brings more than 500 workers from Puerto Rico to U.S. mainland properties annually.
  • Task Force Professionals: Seamlessly navigate transitions with the help of senior level staff, ensuring stability and profitability during periods of change.
  • Managed Services: Enjoy worry-free outsourced housekeeping, allowing you to focus on improving guest satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Specialized Services: Meet the demands of a returning corporate entertaining scene with flexible, reliable catering, stewarding,  and kitchen cleaning staff.


“HSS always addresses our concerns right away, providing good staff and good communication.”

– General Manager Hampton Inn & Suites Savannah Historic District