50statesHSS is please to announced that it will now offer staffing services in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico.  The company was able to expand its services during the shutdown period of the COVID crisis to serve needs in industries outside hospitality.  As hotels and resorts begin to come back online, that staffing and recruiting infrastructure is being used to help more hotels in more locations.

The company is also expanding its service offering to help hotels as they emerge from the pandemic.  With part-time service available, enhanced safety training, and COVID-19 deep cleaning, HSS continues in its role as a trusted partner to hotels and resorts nationwide.

HSS has been a trusted partner to hotels and services that make hotel staff and guests feel safe.    HSS was able to work with its parent company to quickly pivot during the shut-down in order to staff heightened cleaning at shipping and logistics, grocery stores, pharmacies, and senior living facilities.  Using HSS technology and its extensive network of recruiting capabilities, we were able to supply staff to a more extensive geography.  Using this knowledge, HSS is able to reach a broader geography of hotels, resorts moving ahead.