Services We Offer

A full-range of services for every hospitality need.

Meeting Your Needs

To meet the diverse needs of our clients, HSS offers a full range of services.  We understand that hospitality is more than one service line and skill-set.  We also understand that different organizations have different needs from large-scale efficiency to flexible solutions for smaller operations.

Temporary Staffing

From last minute surges in need to long-term strategies, we can help solve your staffing needs efficiently and effectively through temporary staffing specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

Outsource Managed Service: Housekeeping

Our experienced managed service team handles every details of managing cleaning staff with onsite support, compliance, quality control and more.

Outsource Managed Service: Janitorial

We provide quality 3rd Shift and overnight cleaning services.  Traditionally difficult to fill and manage, we excel at providing efficient and reliable staff for this essential hospitality need.

Perm Placement

We work with clients to find permanent employees in a wide range of hospitality positions.  Whether you need a key management hire, or an entire staff for a new property opening, rely on the experts at HSS to find the talent you need on your team.

Join the HSS Team

Are you currently looking for work? HSS branches throughout the country are always looking for exceptional individuals to add to their teams. Working with HSS is an exciting and rewarding opportunity. Hospitality Staffing Solutions is known throughout the industry for...
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Compliance Will Always Be A Trend

A much talked about area in staffing (an in particular Hospitality Staffing) is compliance. The article HR Compliance in a Legal Whiplash World does a nice job of summarizing many of the reasons why.  A slew of new laws on a local level have coincided with new...
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Maintaining Brand Integrity in the Age of Contract Labor

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review by David Weill (How to Make Employment Fair in an Age of Contracting and Temp Work), talks through the trends and pitfalls of the increasing use of contract labor.  He points out the dangers of the "fissured workplace"...
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Addressing Recruitment Challenges in a Tight Market

More companies are utilizing temporary workers at the same time the pool of potential workers is shrinking. Here are a few strategies for addressing recruitment challenges in a tight labor market.

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Best Practices for Engaging a Contingent Workforce

While office culture and full-time employees are the focus of this cultivation, hourly workers and contingent labor is often left out of the conversation. Implementing best practices for contingent labor can help cultivate a company culture at every level of the organizations.

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