Housekeeping Week 2021 from Hospitality Staffing Solutions

HSS is the largest national staffing provider focused on the hospitality industry.  And, as a KBS company, we are part of the largest privately held facility services provider in North America.  And so it’s understandable that the 40th annual International Housekeepers and Environmental Service Week is a big deal for our organization.  HSS has been celebrating with our housekeeping teams at hotels, resorts, and casinos in over 40 States and over 100 markets across the U.S.

Housekeeping Week Across All HSS Branches

Here are some highlights from HSS staff thanking the thousands of housekeeping professionals who have been an integral part of the hospitality industry.  Through good times and bad, hotel housekeeping teams have ensured that hotels, resorts, and casinos are safe, clean, and a second home to guests.  You can also view a playlist of all the complete HSS Happy Housekeeping Week Videos as well.

Maintaining Housekeeping Staff Throughout the Pandemic

It’s important to note, that HSS is able to maintain a pool of housekeeping staff by continuously recruiting and remaining in touch with the needs of those building a career in hospitality.  During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to maintain employment for many workers by finding them jobs within the network of clients outside the hospitality industry through our parent company KBS.  Serving as essential workers in pharmacies, fulfillment centers, senior living facilities, and manufacturing plants, HSS was able to supply these industries with needed workers while maintaining relationships with hospitality employees.

Keeping the Pulse of Hotel Housekeepers

In addition, we provided the industry with valuable information on hospitality workers though our annual housekeepers survey.

Among findings about the deep impact that the pandemic had on hospitality workers,  the survey also shows that hospitality workers strongly align their career aspirations with the hotel industry and valued returning to work:

  • 87% of respondents said they would like to return to work in a hotel or resort
  • 81% said they would feel safe returning to work in a hotel
  • 91% said that they have received adequate training to work safely.
  • 90% said they have the supplies needed to perform their jobs safely and effectively

HSS worked with with ClearlyRated to compile the data for this study. ClearlyRated (formerly known as Inavero) administers more staffing agency client and talent satisfaction surveys than any other firm in the world, reporting on more than 1.2 million satisfaction surveys from staffing agency clients and job seekers each year.

Building A Career Through Hotel Housekeeping

Celebrating Housekeeping Week each year is really an extension of the work that HSS teams perform every day.  We view housekeeping as a skilled profession and a career that many of our own teams participate in every day.  Housekeeping jobs from entry level to management are a viable and strong career path for many people and HSS has encouraged the advancement of housekeeping staff within its clients organizations and within its own.  Here is a quote from one of our thousands of housekeepers:

HSS opened opportunities for me. It was a job that really gave me stability. They’ve given me respect and understanding. I love working for this company.  All the people who work here open their hands and hearts. I’m really pleased to be here and I want to grow with HSS.

They have focused on keeping employees growing by motivating them, following up and driving them. Employees work together with HSS and always get a helping hand.   You feel supported when you can talk to any representative and they are there to listen to you.

Thanks again for a great Housekeeping Week 2021 from the entire team at HSS and KBS!

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